IFI Colloquium, Thursday, 14.11.2013

Today, we had a guest at the IFI, Prof. Dr. Arie von Deursen who talked about Software Changes. You may find more details about the colloquium below:


A substantial body of research on software evolution addressses the level of commits as mined from source code repositories. In this presentation, we will explore two larger units of change. One of these is the pull request as used on GitHub. It typically represents a coherent change set used for bug fixes or new features. The other change type is at the level of full libaries, for which we will use the full history of Maven Central as our data set. To that end, we will look at difference between versions, and draw conclusions on the general impact of library incompatibilities. And, to draw these coarse grain conclusions over a full set of libaries, we will show how we make use of fine-grained change sets derived at the individual statement level, making use of the ChangeDistiller technology as developed at SEAL in Zurich.


Prof. Dr. Arie van Deursen is a professor at Delft University of Technology, where he leads the Software Engineering Research Group. His research interests include software testing, software architecture, and social aspects of software engineering.

Next Colloquiums

In December, there will be two other colloquiums, which you may find here.

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