Cloud Development Survey

How has Software Development evolved in the Cloud? What are some challenges that software developers face on a regular basis when deploying on different cloud platforms?

That’s what we asked ourselves when we set out to conduct a Grounded Theory-based study that consists of the following phases of data collection:

  • Related Work Study and Brainstorming were used to derive initial topics of interest to our study and guide our semi-structured interviews
  • Semi-structured interviews with 16 software developers (from both larger Enterprise companies, as well as startup companies) on how they develop software for the cloud
  • Coding & Analysis of the transcribed interviews conducted by 3 researchers in order to extract common themes and codes. In a joint discussion we derived hypotheses on how software development has evolved in the cloud
  • Validation Survey in order to reduce bias from our coding and to either confirm or refute our hypotheses

If you work with or on cloud platforms, we would highly appreciate it if you fill out our following short survey:

The next step is to evaluate the answers of the survey and include the results in our overall study and form a research paper.

The purpose of the study is to better understand how software is built for the cloud to provide a basis for tooling helping software developers to work more efficiently.

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