Survey on “Testing Developers Practices”

Our research group at the University of Zurich together with the Delft University of Technology research group, is performing a study aimed at observing (and/or measuring) how developers perform bug fixing tasks during test activity. Specifically, tools such as Evosuite ( can automatically generate test cases to help developers test Java classes and find possible bugs.


Thus, OUR GOAL is to better understand the bug fixing practice of developers during their testing activities when relying on generated test cases (by Evosuite).

We will ask you to perform a set of very SIMPLE bug fixing tasks (NO MORE THAN 1 Hour) and answer a Survey after the bug fixing experience. The task can be performed remotely (in multiple rounds) in you home/office (where you prefer).

We will keep your survey responses anonymous. We will NOT attribute answers to any particular participant.

We would greatly appreciate your participation! Thank you!

If you are interested to partecipate to this study please feel free to contact

Dr. Sebastiano Panichella and Dr. Annibale Panichella rely on the

following e-mail addresses: or
Thank you very much for your effort.

Best regards,
Sebastiano and Annibale

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